Paul McCartney – Egypt Station, Paul’s newest album

Paul McCartney – Egypt Station

Only two days after celebrating his 76th birthday, Sir Paul McCartney announced his 18th studio album called Egypt Station. September 7 is the date when the record is expected to be released via Capitol Records. On top of that he released two new songs called “Come On To me” and “I Don’t Know” which you can listen to below. “Come On To Me” is a cheerful, mood uplifting rock song, while “I Don’t Know” is a mournful ballad. Two great songs, as expected from the former Beatle.

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Fun fact – Paul played “Come On To Me” in public for the first time only two weeks ago on June 9, when he did a surprise gig at Liverpool’s Philharmonic Pub.

Also Paul McCartney – Egypt Station is his first studio album after five years of hiatus when he released New in 2013.

About Egypt Station

About the name of the album, Paul McCartney said in a press conference that it’s not something complicated, he simply liked the words “Egypt Station”.

I liked the wordsEgypt Station.’ – he said. ” It reminded me of the ‘album’ albums we used to make“. Which he later followed with; Egypt Station starts off at the station on the first song and then each song is like a different station. So it gave us some idea to base all the songs around that. I think of it as a dream location that the music emanates from.”

The record has a specific and unique artwork that will definitely catch your eye.

As we can see, there are some kind of railroads, travel (train) tickets, passport stickers, a goat, blue cloudy sky, some strange funny looking man and much more. However, many of these were posted as a teaser on Paul’s new Instagram account.

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