10 Interesting Facts About Black Sabbath

Formed in 1968 in Birmingham by guitarist Tony Iommi, drummer Bill Ward, vocalist Ozzy Osbourne, and bassist Geezer Butler, Black Sabbath is part of a small but exceptional group of music acts that have revolutionized the music industry. The innovativeness and desire of the band members to constantly push the boundaries made Black Sabbath the legendary band that is today. The band came […]

8 Interesting Facts About Tony Iommi

Tony Iommi is a British guitarist, songwriter, and composer born on 19 February 1968 in Birmingham, England. He grew up in a Catholic family as the only child of British-Italian parents Anthony Frank Iommi and Sylvia Maria Iommi. He also holds dual British-Italian citizenship. Iommi rose to fame as a founding member and leader of the […]

10 Fun Facts About Deep Purple

When it comes to innovative and pioneering bands in music history, it’s impossible to discuss the topic without mentioning Deep Purple. Modern hard rock and heavy metal wouldn’t have been what they are today if it wasn’t for this band’s music catalog. That’s why to honor their legacy and work, in this article we’ll go […]

10 Interesting David Bowie Facts You May Not Know

Highlighting only 10 facts about David Bowie‘s remarkable life proved to be a tougher task than I had imagined. Ultimately, we are talking about one of the most influential and unique artists of the previous six decades. Therefore, narrowing it down to only 10 facts feels like a betrayal to the myriad of interesting events […]

10 Interesting Facts About Ronnie James Dio

When it comes to facts about Ronnie James Dio, there are a lot of things to be said about the late heavy metal icon. However, it will take a while to cover everything. That’s why in this post we’ll only focus on some of the most interesting aspects of his life. So, without further ado, […]

10 Interesting Alice Cooper Facts You May Have Not Known

When it comes to facts about Alice Cooper there are a lot of things to be said about the Godfather of Shock Rock. He is undoubtedly one of the most unique artists on the music scene in the last 50 years, and the upcoming Alice Cooper facts will prove this theory right. However, before going into the […]

10 Led Zeppelin Facts You May Have Not Known

Before jumping into the Led Zeppelin facts, here’s a brief introduction to one of the greatest, most successful, and highly influential bands in music history. Led Zeppelin – Short Biography In the now distant 1968, four already experienced British musicians decided to form a band and made history – would be a short but accurate […]

The Last Bee Gee: Interview With Barry Gibb

There’s hardly a person in the western world and beyond who haven’t heard of the Bee Gees and the Gibb brothers. And if not of them as a band, everyone has at least heard some of their greatest hits, knowingly or unknowingly. Hits like ‘Stayin’ Alive’, ‘How Deep Is Your Love’, ‘Night Fever’ and so on! It’s nearly impossible […]

15 Chris Cornell Facts You May Have Not Known

Tip: Click here if you want to jump straight into the Chris Cornell facts. Short Biography About Chris Cornell Born on July 20, 1964, in Seattle, Washington – Chris Cornell was an American musician, singer, and songwriter. Best known as the lead vocalist and founding member of rock bands such as Soundgarden, Audioslave, and Temple of the Dog. […]

7 Classic Rock Christmas Songs To Enjoy The Holidays

Christmas is supposed to be a time  joy and happiness. Time when you and billions of people around the world celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.  That’s why, to get you in the holiday spirt, we selected these 7 Classic Rock Christmas songs to cheer you up and enjoy this period of the year to […]

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