Are you an aspiring writer looking to publish an article under your full name or a pen name? Or maybe you are just a music nerd who always wanted to write something about a certain band, musician, or even a genre, but never had the platform to share your thoughts on?

In that case, this is the place for you. Here at we’ll give you the opportunity to write a music-related article on a topic either provided by us, or on a subject by your choice if it’s suitable for our website.

However, there are some rules you need to follow. If you don’t respect these rules, your work won’t be accepted.


1. Fact Checked

The information provided in the article must be truthful and fact-based. If there are inaccuracies, the post won’t be accepted.

For instance – if you are writing on The Beatles and the main subject is their arrival and first TV appearance in the United States, then:

  • The Beatles made their live U.S. TV debut on the Ed Sullivan Show – is a correct statement
  • The Beatles made their live U.S. TV debut on the Dick Cavett Show – is a false statement

2. No Plagiarism

The written text must be 100% authentic and original. Plagiarism won’t be tolerated in the slightest.

The submitted text will be first manually checked, and then it will go through multiple plagiarism-checking programs to confirm the authenticity of the work.

3. Entertaining to Read

The writing style should be casual but entertaining at the same time to keep the reader engaged. Also pay attention to grammar and spelling.

Passion, Skills & Knowledge

On top of those rules, it’s preferable if you are passionate about writing, posses great research skills, and have at least basic knowledge on the topic you will be working on.

Article Length & Keywords

Article’s length is normally between 1,000 – 2,000 words, but exceptions can be made for those who want to write bigger posts, such as buying and how to guides.

The keywords and their density in the text will be provided by us, even if you are the one who came up with the subject idea.

Disclaimer: there will be no monetary compensation provided for your work. What we offer is an opportunity for aspiring writers to publish an article under their full name or pen name on the world wide web.

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